Holdfast is proud to offer Prebuck engineered wood products. PreBuck technology offers the strongest, fastest, and smartest construction solutions availble today. Prebuck allows you to save time and money while building superior durability into every project. Specifically designed for direct contact with concrete and non-corrosive to metals, PreBuck products feature TimberStrand Strandguard (LSL) engineered lumber treated with zinc borate for exceptional resistance to insects and decay. PreBuck products also feature MDI resin, the 100% waterproof bonding agent that turns to a durable plastic when cured. Combining these quality components with PreBuck's advanced engineering provides the most efficient, cost savings and time savings construction technology available today.


Window and Door Bucks 

When it comes to the integrity of your ICF, nothing is more superior then our double V-grooved engineered buck framing system. With the help of these dovetail V-grooves and metal flanges, the buck framing system stays in place and holds much longer than those without it. Designed for direct contact with concrete and non-corrosive to metals, we use a StrandGuard (LSL) engineered lumber treated with Zinc Borate for resistance to insects and decay. Another benefit of the StrandGuard (LSL) is that it will not cup, twist, or warp over time and can be cut to custom design specifications. The dovetail design of the grooves help lock the concrete in to place, while also eliminating air infiltration. The metal flange also provides many benefits along the lines of self-alignment with the walls and by supporting the ICF during the actual pouring of the concrete.