HOLDFAST Advantage for Home Owners


holdfast home owner advantage

Experience – In business for fourteen years, Holdfast started in the Dayton, OH market and has expanded to include Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Michigan.

Focus – The purpose of Holdfast’s creation was to sell ICF’s, and that continues today. Our dedication to selling Insulated Concrete Forms requires us to be the most progressive ICF company around.

Superb Sales and Technical Support – Our sales technicians are chosen from the field and usually have experience with ICF installation before coming to work with Holdfast. Because our large sales staff meets with each other monthly, they are able to rapidly acquire the latest information about this fast-paced industry. Holdfast’s sales technicians live in the areas that they represent, making them readily available to support your project.

Reputation – Holdfast Technologies, LLC has worked extremely hard to acquire the best reputation in the industry. Maintaining this reputation is our greatest incentive for providing exceptional customer service.

Pricing – Holdfast has been able to acquire direct purchasing from the manufacturers of the products that we distribute. Our large-volume purchasing allows us to be extremely competitive while still providing excellent customer service.

Alignment Bracing – We maintain the largest fleet of alignment bracing and scaffolding around for our builders. Holdfast also has two types of alignment systems for purchase.

Training – Along with our on-site technical support, we also offer numerous training programs to ensure that the one building your project is well trained for proper installation.