HOLDFAST Advantage for Builders

Whether you are a seasoned professional of the ICF industry, or looking to expand into the market, HOLDFAST Technologies, LLC can help make all of your projects a success. As the largest and most experienced ICF distributer in the Midwest, we can offer more benefits than anybody to help your job succeed.

Technical support – Holdfast Technologies, LLC provides “on the ground” technical support that spans the life cycle of the project. From providing onsite training of new crews, to assisting experienced crews with special situations, our technicians have the ability to assist with all levels of support.

Trained installer network – If you are a general contractor in need of ICF installation, HOLDFAST has a large network of trained installers that can we can refer to help complete your project. Our sales technicians will recommend a number of installers that will best fit the project and provide competitive bids.

Trade support – Although our technicians focus primarily on the correct installation of the ICF forms, HOLDFAST’s support doesn’t end there. We can also provide expertise and training for sub-trades pertaining to Insulated Concrete Forms.

Product Availability – Because we maintain a large, diverse inventory and our own fleet of trucks, HOLDFAST is able to put product on your jobsite faster than anyone in the industry. In addition to our warehouse, loads from NUDURA’s factory can be sent directly to the jobsite on large projects, normally within 5 business days or less.