Stronger. Faster. Smarter.

A new era has arrived. A construction revolution: strength and quality combined with speed and efficiency. PreBuck technology now offers the fastest, smartest construction solutions available today. Save time and money while building superior durability into every project.


PreBuck innovations for insulated concrete forming (ICF), tilt-up, cast in place and cinderblock (CMU) applications are unprecedented within the industry and custom manufactured to design specifications.

Specifically designed for direct contact with concrete and non-corrosive to metals, PreBuck products feature StandGuard (LSL) engineered lumber treated with zinc borate for exceptional resistance to insects and decay. PreBuck products also feature MDI resin, the 100% waterproof bonding agent that turns to durable plastic when cured.

Combine these quality components with PreBuck’s advanced engineering and you’re guaranteed the most efficient, cost-saving, and time-saving construction technology available today. Learn more at the Prebuck site.


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