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In an era that has seen home foreclosures at record highs, existing home prices plummet, and steep drops in new home construction, Holdfast Technologies, LLC understands that the decision to build a new home can be daunting at best.  Yet while challenges still abound, the decision to build a new home can be more rewarding than ever.  The combination of better building materials, an ever growing understanding of building science, and the current focus on sustainable and energy efficient buildings gives potential homeowners the ability to get more for their money better than ever before.


As a homeowner, contractor, and architect work together to construct a new home, a series of decisions come together to form the final product.  In the past, the vast amount of the decision making process was geared toward the visible aspects of the home, such as the floor plan, exterior and interior finishes, décor, furnishings, and other cosmetic aspects.  While all of these are important and need to be evaluated, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on the value that the building envelope or structure of the building can provide.  Considerations such as energy efficiency, wind and water intrusion, disaster resistance, and sustainability are more important than ever in creating a home that will last for centuries and give the owner more for his money.


At Holdfast, we provide products for homes that maximize the building envelope.  We work with homeowners from the planning stage through the construction phase providing product technical support, design resources, and engineering support to help assure that your project will be a success.  If you are considering building or remodeling, let us show you how buildings that last, start with Holdfast.


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